Learning Quickly

I think I’ve gotten the hang of WordPress now, it’s pretty easy really.   Check out that cool rotating search cloud!  So I’ve caught up with the rest of the world as far as blogging.  I also added a Black Snow account on Twitter yesterday, so you can follow that for the latest updates.  The Myspace account was updated yesterday, I’ll get around to creating the Facebook account soon.  I was hoping Alex would do it, but unfortunately he hasn’t really stepped up to do his part in our online marketing attempts yet. 

On a somber note I’d like to wish Alex the best, as he’s been going through some rough times lately.  I’d also like to send out some well wishes to my grandma who recently suffered from Belspalsey.  I hope she feels well enough to celebrate tomorrow. 

In case you haven’t checked in awhile issue 6 is progressing well, and 11 pages are already up.  Alex and I have been struggling to write a one page synopsis of Black Snow to approach publishers with.  It’s a hard comic to describe, especially trying to capture the spirit and tone.  Hopefully I’ll have that done some time today.

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