Bride Wars (is Hell)

Bride Wars

0.0 out of 10

Being married, I’m often subjected to chick flicks or female targeted programing on TV like 90210 or The Secret Life of the American Teenager.  I hate these shows and movies.  I try to find at least 1 thing interesting about them since I’m forced to watch them, and occasionally they can be a bit entertaining, even if it’s just to mock them.  I find myself often questioning my wife and asking “You really like this?” and “What do you enjoy about this?”  The mysteries of women.

So this Mother’s Day I did my duty and watched the atrocity known as Bride Wars.  I wish this one had died in action!  I probably deserve a purple heart for my mental injuries suffered.  OK, no more stupid plays on word about war.  You’re lucky, I was about to make some holocaust references. 

This movie was so poorly done and just plain stupid it blows my mind.  I know this was just supposed to be something cute and funny, but it didn’t even succeed at that!  The premise is 2 life long friends, Anne Hathaway and Kate Hudson, want to be have extravagant weddings at the same location.  They are obsessed with this idea since early childhood.  Guess what, they end up engaged at the same time and accidentally book their weddings on the same day!  It gets dumber from there.  They become enemies and try to sabotage each other through childish pranks.

The plot, if you can even classify this trash as having a plot, is ridiculous and full of holes.  I’ve never seen a movie fall about so badly at the end either.  Nothing really makes sense or is properly motivated.  It’s all garbage.  The only thing even remotely interesting were the bizarre sequences where still pictures with slightly shifting focuses and varying fields of distance with hand written notes are used to depict things like planning the weddings.

I don’t expect much from these movies, I know what I’m getting into when I see one.  I do expect them to be competent, and this certainly was not.  I’ve already spent more time focused on this crap then I should, so I’ll end now.  I would not recommend this to anyone, beyond easily entertained women who are excited about upcoming weddings.

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