Chugging Along

Everything is continuing well at a good steady pace, in spite of the fact that I’m now working full time again.  I’m really enjoying the progression of the cop scene I’m currently drawing for Issue 6.  As I mentioned last time, I wasn’t the biggest fan of these scenes in the past, largely due to the fact that they were building towards something, and quite frankly I didn’t know exactly what that was.  I had some idea, as we do have a long term story arch planned, but  I had a hard time picturing it and didn’t know much about the details.

So what makes me enjoy it now?  The characters’ personalities are really starting to shine.  In part this is due to the writing coming through better and allowing the characters to express themselves.  Another element is the improved drawing I’m doing giving the characters a more visible way to display emotions and show off some of their quirks.  My goal is to make every single time I draw a character a fun and unique experience where they display something new.  So far it seems to be working.

Another big factor in my new excitement for this particular subplot is the inclusion of the new characters.  Rob and John, though they were briefly introduced in Issue 4, really start fresh here.  They grew on me quickly and inject some great new blood into the group.  Detective Redmond has been mentioned since Issue 2, and now he finally arrives.  He’s so interesting and different from anything else we’ve done, and his inclusion really changes the dynamic of the cops, if not the whole comic. 

Hopefully all this enthusiasm is coming through in the final product and being passed along to the reader.

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