Yo, this be your boy Alex who is mad tweaking on love

Hey, I’m inserting myself into this blog. We at Black Snow headquarters are pleased to announce that we are gonna divert attention away from this, our chosen flagship title, to branch out (greener pastures) to two comic strips, one about the adventures of some kids we barely knew in summer camp called Day Camp, and the other a buddy comedy about Middle Eastern dictators such as King Abdullah of Jordan (known to his friends as King Playstation), Bashar al-Assad of Syria (the cool guy), Hosni Mubarak (the creepy old guy), as well as that crazy rodent looking guy from Iran (I think his name is an anagram of some sort). In actual Black Snow related news, issue (as in episode, not problems!) 6 and issue (as in episode, not problems?!) 0 are being written and drawn as we type. Seriously though, King PlayStation, you can’t make that shit up.

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