If you’ve been following on Twitter or read Alex’s recent Post then you know we are planning to expand beyond our flagship title, Black Snow.  Collectively I think we’ll still go under the name Black Snow Comics, but we’re planning on featuring some new comic strips that are not connected to the comic book.  Here is an example of a preliminary mock up of our new strip, Day Camp.

So you may think, how will we be able to pull this off when we seem to have trouble delivering one title with any consistency?  The answer?  I don’t know.  We’ll see I guess.  Strips are a lot quicker and easier to produce, and as you may have noticed I plan on using a rougher, faster style than I do on Black Snow.  BTW, you may see some semblance of a resurrection of the Black Snow comic strip.  One thing that will help us start producing more is that I’ve asked my cousin, a Graphic  Arts major, to help take over some of the marketing duties that I’ve basically been solely responsible for up until this point.  Hopefully that gives me more time to draw, and maybe she’ll be able to help us grow our audience.

Rough mock up of the new Day Camp comic strip
Rough mock up of the new Day Camp comic strip

It’s been awhile since I posted and you may be wondering why.  Once again I found myself becoming disenchanted with working on the comic, so I took a break.  The deadline for any publishers to respond to my submissions came and went, and I found myself forced to do some reflecting.  Would I want to continue doing this even if my work never achieves any kind of tangible fame or notoriety?  Would I be happy with a moderate web following and nothing else?  Is it really worth sacrificing my precious little free time I have between working full time and raising my son with my wife?  Not simple questions for me.  As you can probably guess from the beginning of these posts my ultimate answer to all these questions was yes.  Why?  Because I really do love to draw and entertain, so hopefully that comes through in my work.    My immediate goal?  Finish Issue 6!  Onward and upward my friends!

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