Things are going well. Over the last 5 or so days I cranked out a page of Black Snow and 4 pages of Day Camp, so I’m on a bit of a roll.  Last Wednesday was my 26 birthday.  As with all my birthdays, I took the time to reflect on my life up until this point.  Fun, eh?  To my shock I find myself creeping towards 30, which I know is relatively young when you look at the average total length of life, but seems pretty damn old to me.  Have I had a good life so far?  Yes, unequivocally I’ve lived well.  Things have never been perfect, but they sure could’ve been a lot worse.

I don’t have too many regrets and generally enjoy my day to day existence.  So that parts all good.  Am I where I wanted to be at age 26?  Have I achieved my goals?  Not so much.  I’m not rich and famous.  I’m not a Hollywood director.  My drawings have not achieved anything close to mass popularity.  I’ve settled into a sedentary office life that I never would have pictured myself in.  I certainly never thought I’d be married with a child at this age!

What I’ve come to realize and accept is that goals are good, but must be malleable and realistic in some respects.  Does that mean I’ve given up on fame and fortune?  Hell no!  It’s still a fine goal, just not a primary one.  I won’t measure the success of my life based on it.  I think my new goal is to continue doing things that make me happy.  Pretty simple and attainable, yet people seem to lose site of it.  I’m happy when I draw.  I have fun playing video games.  I like watching pro-wrestling.  I love having pets.  To me a great day is just hanging out with my friends and family.  These are all easy to do and help bring up my quality of life.

So what does this mean to you, the loyal reader?  Hopefully a continued increase in the rate at which I produce content.  Perhaps I’ll finish Issue 6 soon!  Maybe move on to 7 or 0!  I’m pretty sure I can guaranty you’ll see a lot more of Day Camp, as it is fast and fun for me to work on, and Alex can write them very quickly.  You can also look forward to continued experimentation in all my work.  I’m sure you’ve noticed the stuff I’ve done in Day Camp is pretty different then what you’ve seen so far in Black Snow.  Can you tell it was done by the same artist?  Probably, they aren’t that different, but different enough that they already have pretty diverse styles.  I think working on both will actually help me grow as an artist and push me to work harder on them as they rival for popularity.