WWE Raw 10/12/09

I’m somewhat embarrassed to admit that I’ve been a big fan of pro wrestling for over a decade now.  I started watching in the late 90’s, during high school.  It was a time commonly referred to as the Attitude Era, so called because of the emphasis on raunchy/crude storyline s and characters.  It is also known for being the time that wrestling was at it’s height, it was more popular than any other period before or since.  Well, as that statement indicates wrestling fell from grace in the early 2000’s and has never come close to achieving the same success.  Most of my friends who watched with me in the 90’s stopped a long time ago, but I never did.  I can’t tell you why, it’s just addictive.  From the moment I saw the crazy son of a bitch known as Mick Foley I was hooked.

I’ve been part of the IWC or Internet Wrestling Community for a number of years now, from frequenting MySpace clubs in the past, to reading all the latest at Lords of Pain now days.  Usually I just read what others say, but today I’ve decided to start sharing my thoughts.  If you’re here to read about the comic, come back next time when I’ll have a new post about it, but it won’t be discussed here.  Tonight’s Raw has annoyed/angered me to the point that I have to let out some steam before I blow.  Not that Raw is usually great, but it seems to be repeating and even focusing on all its mistakes tonight.

The show opens with Jericho announcing he is the captain of team Smackdown for the Bragging Rights PPV before being interrupted by the guest host, Nany O’Dell.  First thing, who the fuck is this chick and why is she hosting my wrestling.  If this is the caliber of “celebrity” we have to endure than this whole guest host shit has most assuredly run its course.  God damn does that bitch have an annoying voice.  We are then treated to HHH doing his DX spiel, sans Shawn Michaels.  It’s his normal, lame comedy made even worse by WWE enforcing the PG rating.  I don’t care what anyone else says, HHH is boring, unfunny, undeserving of his currentspot at the top of the roster, and most definately uses politics to hold people back.  I find him sickening, and tonight he does nothing to change my opinion.  Oh, DX is the Raw team co-captains, even though HHH is the only one there.  Awesome.  H is interrupted by JeriShow, and Jericho brilliantly runs his mouth like he always does, while Big show stands silently by his side like a huge sack of shit.  Using the cunning tactics of a Bugs Bunny cartoon, the “cerebral assassin” HHH is able to turn the unified tag team champions against each other and have Big Show begging for a spot on team Raw.  How fucking stupid do these writers think the audience is?  And are the tag champs supposed to be mentally challenged?  They’d have to be to let themselves be so easily manipulated.  HHH then claims to have booking power and makes a singles match between the tag champs, which Show must win to earn his spot on the team.  He has that power, to make that match, for right then, even when one of the guys is not even on the Raw roster?  Bullshit.  Have a little respect for the mental capacity of your viewers, for Christ’s sake.

This match happens, and it serves to make Jericho, one of the greatest wrestlers to ever perform, look like a complete bitch, before he is ultimately beaten by Big Show.  BTW, Jericho was completely under the rope, in the ring before Big Show pulled him out, so the count should have been broken, but instead we get the bogus ending.  Oh, and it still makes no sense why HHH would want Big Show, a man he made fun of and destroyed in the ring just last week, or why Show would want to serve under his long time enemy who just reminded us via a photo that he once shoved Vince McMahon’s head up Show’s huge ass.  The man just showed us a picture where he raped you, and you want him to be your captain?!  And Jericho looks incredibly weak now, being outsmarted by HHH and Big Show, being pinned by HHH last week, and being dominated and defeated by Big Show tonight.  Who really thinks he can lead Smackdown to a victory at the PPV?  Oh, it helps that 4 of Smacksown’s biggest stars are already in a different match for the title, and presumably won’t be on the team.

Mickie James has a Divas Title match against Jillian Hall?  That’s a worthy opponent.  Than she quickly cheats to beat Mickie.  Nancy appears to announce Divas trade?  The guest host for one night can make roster effecting trades now?  Melina is introduced as the newest Raw member and has an instant title match.  Mickie James has apparently disappeared into thin air as this match starts.  Melina instantly goes for her finisher, which she and Jillian completely botch.  Melina then does a victory roll to win the title.  There were 2 moves in that match, and those women could only pull off one without fucking up.  The incredibly weak Jillian wins the title in an unbelievable match to instantly lose it to someone that wasn’t on the show five minutes ago.  That title means less than toilet paper at this point.

Cena and Legacy are going to have a 3 way to see who will join team Raw, even though we know Cena is already booked for an hour long match with no disqualifications at the PPV.  Why would either member of Legacy want to be on a team captained by DX when the 2 teams have been feuding for months, and Legacy has made it clear that their main goal was to put DX out of action permanently?  They just main evented at he last PPV against each other in a Hell in a Cell grudge match, it was only 8 days ago!  Nonsense, fucking nonsense. We are treated to several more awful DX comedy attempts, because the guest host is so weak HHH has to pretend to be one.  Chavo Guerro and Honswaggle still aren’t funny either, so throwing all 3 of these elements together does no one any favors.  Oh, and Santino’s comedy is growing pretty stale as well.  Wrestling comedy has always been pretty bad, but it seems to be reaching an all time low.

Cody wins the 3 way by pinning his partner Ted, in what was actually a pretty good match.  Legacy has been on fire as of late, and this feud with DX has really done wonders for them.  They failed to capitalize on that fact last week, but they shine here tonight.  Again they are teasing a split.  Why does WWE like to split their teams when they are hitting their stride?  Swagger defeats MVP, and Kofi defeats Evan Borne in 2 short, forgettable team Raw qualifying matches.  4 exciting young wrestlers who got short changed yet again.  At least they did well with the little time they had.  Why would DX want Swagger on their team?  Is it that hard to put some logic into the booking?

We find out Beth Phoenix is going to Smackdown, and she’s pissed.  this prompts a match with her and the other entertainment tonight chick who isn’t even the host.  And when it happens it inexplicably turns into a 6 diva tag match.  It ends with 2 of the least important/interesting divas in the match, when one pins the other.  This trade story is especially stupid at this time, when they are trying to emphasize the difference in the brands and create a rivalry for their PPV.  What do the brands mean when trades can apparently happen at any time?  We have to suffer through that idiot Snoop Dogg again next week.  Something to look forward to….NOT!!!

Miz cuts a strong promo on facing Morrison in a champ vs champ, Raw vs Smackdown match at the Bragging Rights PPV.  Finally some good booking.  Former tag champs, now bitter enemies, holding respected titles on rival shows going at it one on one.  They are both on the rise right now, and this match could go a long way to  making them main event stars.  I’m looking forward to this one.

We then get a stupid main event where Legacy, who were opponents about an hour ago will take on Cena (again) and his partner, the leader of their group and Cena’s opponent at the PPV, Randy Orton.  The match is short and ends with Dibiase inexplicably pinning Orton when he’s in the middle of beating up Cena and helping them.  We then learn that next week will be HHH vs Cena, yawn.  Michael Cole unconvincingly tries to tell us this is something exciting we haven’t already seen, and that this match has something to do with the current story lines.

It is not easy to be intelligent and a wrestling fan.  The “sport” already comes with many stigmas; like the audience is ignorant or gay.  It saddens me that the WWE and TNA seem hell bent on perpetuating these stereotypes, especially the ignorant one.  The gay one is never addressed directly, just often hinted at.  I believe these companies actually believe their fans to be slow witted morons with no memories, and book their shows accordingly.  I said that I’m addicted to wrestling, but this current stake of crappitude the shove down our throats may be the rehab I’m in need of.

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