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I thought I’d share a drawing with you all that I finished last Friday for a banner on a local car dealership’s website.

A satanic carsalesman trying to close a deal
A satanic carsalesman trying to close a deal.

This was a lot of fun to draw, and serves as another recent example of my enjoyment of drawing the occult.  It didn’t really occur to me while drawing it, but my uncle pointed out to me that the customer is most definitely my grandpa.  Funny, like I said, draw what you know.  In a quasi related note, it’s almost Halloween!  It’s really snuck up on me this year, as I’ve been very busy with work and travel lately.  I picked up my first decorations today (besides the pumpkin I bought at the beginning of the month), some cool skull shaped red LED lights.  Should be fun to take my son trick or treating this year, as he was pretty small last year and slept through most of it.  Hope it doesn’t rain again.  Speaking of rain, I’ll be heading to Washington state to visit family tomorrow, and it seems to rain constantly every time I’m there.

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