blacksn0w and Lightning Man’s Sidekick

I noticed some unusual spike’s in our traffic in the last couple weeks, and figured out that people where searching for Lightning Man’s sidekick and blacksn0w.  Well, they’ve been finding Lightning Lad’s profile and our main page instead.  I still don’t know who Lightning Man is or why people are looking for his sidekick.  Of course we have a Lightning Man in our comic, Lightning Lad’s father, who has been mentioned a few times but not seen yet, though it was stated that he’d be arriving soon.  We’ve never said anything about him having a sidekick though.  If you found this by searching for Lightning Man’s sidekick then please let me know what you were actually looking for, as my curiosity has been aroused.  BTW, while your here you might as well check out our comic, we do have lightning powers in it!

As for all of you searching for blacksn0w (that’s a zero instead of an o) I found out what you’re looking for, some kind of I-Phone developing tool created by someone known as Geohot.  Well, if you’re reading this then you landed on the wrong Black Snow.  Don’t worry, there’s good news.  You’ve stumbled upon the the world’s greatest webcomic.  Take a break from your geeky developing and enjoy a geeky comic book instead!  I know it’s not as geeky as your precious xkcd (is anything?), but I’m sure you’ll like it.  By the by, I met xkcd creator Randall Munroe when I shot this video at Google.

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