Belated Happy New Year

Originally I planned on writing something more timely and doing my general address of the holiday and what it means, much like I did for the previous holidays, but I didn’t really feel enough motivation. I guess that’s the general theme lately, an uncharacteristic lack of drive. Hopefully it will pass soon. I can’t really say why I’ve been feeling that way. Work’s been very busy and taken up much of my time and effort. So I suppose that’s a big factor. Since I last wrote at Christmas there hasn’t really been much comic news to report. I got us up on some more sites and did a little promotion, but not much else. My children’s book is coming along very slowly, as I struggle to write the text for each page. It’s about a quarter of the way complete.

In some more inspiring news I hatched my first lizard. For my birthday last year I got a pair of Crested Geckos, which produced eggs in October. Last week one hatched and the hatchling is doing well. The second egg has yet to hatch, though it should be any day now. I’ve kept lizards for most of my life, and attempted to breed Leopard Geckos in the past, so it is very exciting for me to finally succeed. So I’ve been spending some of my free time lately sprucing up the lizard cages and working on my aquariums. My freshwater tank is looking great, full of a bunch of cool community fish and some good looking live plants. I’ll throw up some pics when I get a chance.

So, here we are in the fantastically futuristic sounding year 2010. Hopefully we’ll achieve some semblance of the success we saw last year. What did we accomplish in 2009? Not 1 but 2 revamps of the website. The start and completion of Issue 6. Our first foray into color and gray toned art. The creation of Day Camp. A huge increase in our exposure and readership. So on and so forth. What are my goals this year? I’ve decided to commit to a schedule of sorts for drawing Day Camp. Starting this week I plan on posting a new Day Camp every Sunday. Does that mean a strict 52 Day Camp’s a year? No, that will be my minimum goal. Maybe I’ll do more than one a week, but at least one on Sundays.

What else? Black Snow Issue 0 will be completed. I need to work with Alex to get this script written, as we are only at the outline stage at the moment. In addition to Issue 0 I’d like to complete Issue 7, but if my previous track record of one a year holds true this will be a lofty goal. We’ll see. You want more? Hopefully we’ll get some T-shirts and products up on the site to start selling. Hell, maybe this will be the year we get some interest from publishers! We’ll probably have to wait another decade for that.

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