Still Famous

What’s this I’M FAMOUS! banner about? Obviously it concerns the one and only Lone Wolf. Remember last year when I first discussed Day Camp and mentioned that we might branch off into some other strips as well? Remember when I said one might be the rebirth of the old Black Snow comic strip that I did at West Valley Community College for The Norseman? Well, I’M FAMOUS! is not quite that. It may be the closest thing you see to that return though.

I’M FAMOUS! is an all new comic strip starring my favorite Black Snow character, The Lone Wolf. I love the guy. Can’t get enough of him. Cracks me up. So there you have it. A strip about the pompous, egotistical super hero. What, you need more? Fine. This is something that has been rattling around in the back of my mind for a long time, though not specifically as this comic strip. It was just a desire to focus more on this amazing character, I didn’t know the specific project. Well, I think this strip is the perfect fit for the super ego hero.

You want more logistics? Well, it will feature characters from the comic book and brand new characters. It will expand greatly on what we’ve seen from the character in his somewhat limited appearances in the comic book so far. It will probably be full page format like Day Camp, though I can’t say for sure just yet. Will the content crossover to the comic book? Will it be part of the canon? Where does it fall in the time line? Don’t know yet, though my general feeling is that it will be somewhat distant from the comic book and more of its own entity, much like the old Black Snow strip was.

What will the story be about? Wait and see. I think you’ll love it! How will we have time to do it? Dedication and schedule management. Since dedicating myself to the one strip minimum for Day Camp this year guess what I’ve done? Met that goal and even surpassed it with 2 strips one week! Are you still holding true to your resolutions?

So get excited and ready yourselves for the awesomeness that is rapidly approaching its debut, I’M FAMOUS!

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