The Apple ipad Hype

Wow, society as a whole continues to get geekier and more materialistic.  I like technology people.  I work with it and have a life long interest in it, but come on.  I can’t believe how much buzz I’ve heard about the recent launch of Apple’s ipad, or what is basically a glorified giant ipod touch.  Honestly people, there are more important things in life.  You might find some fleeting happiness and instant gratification, but it won’t last long.  I must say that this particular device strikes me as an unusual choice for such a hype, as there are many existing products that do the exact same things.  Oh well.  Have fun with your meaningless toy and take a moment to watch this hilarious episode of Modern Family centered around the whole ipad launch and hype.  You can even watch it on your ipad, as one brilliant YouTuber did!

Before you go check out this post I put up from the Onion before Christmas that might help put this whole thing into perspective for you.

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