Random Thoughts

It has become a chore to consistently try and develop a full topic for each post, so I thought I’d try out a different format and see how it goes from there.

– Traffic to the website is up, which is always nice.  We finally got some business cards and post cards printed up in an attempt to start legitimizing this place.  I think the post cards are part of the reason we’re seeing new traffic, as we’ve put them up at a few coffee shops and De Anza Community College.  Next we plan on hitting up West Valley Community College and possibly a few comic shops.

– We’re looking into getting a booth at the Alternative Press Expo (APE) coming up in October.  This would be very exciting, as it would mark our first convention, and essentially our debut into the real comic book culture.  I’ve never even attended a convention as a fan, so I imagine this will be quite an experience.

– On a similar note we are finally getting ready to start selling some products, most likely T-shirts.  Is there anything specific that you’d like to see sold?  I think we’re going to come up with a Lone Wolf I’M FAMOUS! shirt, and maybe some stickers.

– People continue to tell me that they have connections that they’ll talk to on my behalf/show my work to/introduce me to.  I’ve heard this for years for both the comic and film industries, and how many times has it happened?  A big fat zero.  I think people just like to run their mouths and drop names.  I don’t take any of it seriously anymore, as I’ve become fairly jaded.

– I’ve become more active on Facebook and Twitter and it is a lot of fun.  It’s a cool way to interact with fans and other comics.  The Lone Wolf has also started up his own Twitter! Check it out, it’s hilarious.

– Alex continues to perplex me a bit, now talking about working on Black Snow Issue 7, and even bringing up Issue 0 again after recently stating that we should focus solely on I’M FAMOUS! for awhile.  He also is hesitant to start getting products to sell, as it will require us borrowing money from someone to get it rolling.  I can see why he’d worry, but after all this time I’d think he’d have enough faith in what we’re doing and he would jump on the opportunity to take advantage of a generous offer from an interested financial backer.

– I haven’t seen the very creatively titled Iron Man 2 yet, though I’d like to.  Everyone seems t o have good things to say about it.  I thought the first one was good, if somewhat forgettable.  A fun time without being anything spectacular.  I really didn’t have any anticipation for this sequel, but the buzz has gotten me a bit excited now.

– I’ve been doing a lot of small updates to the website lately, mostly in the FAQ and Character sections, but also other little tweaks throughout the site.  Nice to see Alex step up and help a bit with writing the I’M FAMOUS! character bios, though I wish he’d write them faster.

– WWE NXT was awesome this week, with Bryan Danielson delivering another powerful promo that spoke directly to what the internet fans have been saying about the WWE for quite some time.  Better yet, he proceeded to kick the crap out of that insufferable Michael Cole.  I didn’t hate Michael Cole when he started, at one point I think I started to even like the guy when he was paired with JBL and Taz, but as the years have gone on he’s become almost unbearable.  He is just a terrible announcer.  He’s bland, the things he says often don’t make sense, his attempts to establish a character with things like constantly spouting out vintage and taking jabs at JR have failed miserably, and he’s just got this annoying tool quality that makes me hate him.  Not in a heel we’re supposed to hate him kind of way, but in an X-Pac this guy absolutely sucks way.  Watching Danielson beat him down was a pure joy.  I’m very excited to see where this leads next.

Hopefully you enjoyed that, as this may become the regular style unless I have a particularly strong topic to discuss.

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