That precious first sip of alcohol. Wolfy’s getting crunk.

That precious first sip of alcohol. Wolfy's getting crunk.
That precious first sip of alcohol. Wolfy's getting crunk.

Welcome to 2 of 12 written by me!  I like this one a lot, as I’ve been interested in showing the Lone Wolf taste alcohol for the first time since we started this strip.  As you know I like drunk humor and dark humor that explores the downfall of characters, so of course I’d go there at some point with our star.  I’m really enjoying this plane arch and I’m glad we decided to drag things out before getting everyone to LA.  Life’s all about the journey, not the result.

I like seeing this relationship blossom between the Lone Wolf and Nicole.  It is very humanizing to see the Lone Wolf attracted to someone and not knowing how to control the situation.  It will be interesting to see where that goes, long term.

The joke of ordering two glasses of champagne in the 3rd panel is an homage to this scene from Black Snow Issue 4.

Issue 4 page 11
Issue 4 page 11 - Two mugs then!

This is my favorite scene from my favorite Issue of Black Snow so far, when Black Snow and Lone Wolf meet face to face.  This scene, and that “Two mugs then!” joke in particular are what inspired I’M FAMOUS! and cemented the Lone Wolf as my favorite character.  The Lone Wolf is just so in love with himself here and so out of touch with everyone else, and it entertains me to no end.  At one point we even discussed redoing this scene in I’M FAMOUS!, as Alex enjoys it as much as I do, but I doubt we will ever do that.  Probably some variation of it or something.  You never know.

Readers of the comic book will probably recognize that the Lone Wolf is fairly different in personality than in I’M FAMOUS! and I think that is because we wanted to really focus on what made him entertaining at this particular moment and really emphasize and build upon that.  So we tweak the character a bit, ramped him up to 11 and gave him his own starring vehicle.

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