I’M FAMOUS! 43 – Booze and Pills

I'M FAMOUS! 43 - Booze and Pills
I'M FAMOUS! 43 - Booze and Pills

#7 of 12 in the great plane arch, written exclusively by yours truly.  I really like this one, I think it has one of our better punch lines.  Things are really starting to pick up here, and I’m pretty sure you’ll like where they go from here.

Alex commented that things are starting to get pretty dark here.  I don’t know…I guess.  They are all pretty dark to me.  As I’ve said, that’s the kind of humor I like.  I imagine we’re one of the comic strips on the web.

Artistically I love Daniel in the bottom panel.  What an enraged drunk! I’m also happy with how I handled the second panel’s wide shot, as those are always tough for me.  Careful readers and Photoshop users will notice that I did a couple things differently here, most notably no drop shadows.  That is probably going to be a permanent change.  Day Camp fans will likely notice a similarity of that bottom panel to a Day Camp about Big Dog shirts.  It wasn’t overtly intentional, just me being repetitive.  I’ve been reading Scud: The Whole Shebang recently and I’ve been picking up some of Rob Schrab’s techniques, and I think you can see that in the posing of characters (especially in the second panel) and the aforementioned angry facial features of Daniel in the bottom panel.

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