I’M FAMOUS! 44 – Drunks on a Plane

I'M FAMOUS! 44 - Drunks on a Plane
I'M FAMOUS! 44 - Drunks on a Plane

#8 of 12 written by me. Another strong one.  Things are ramping up and getting bad on that plane.  I put some extra time into this layout and the coloring, as I really wanted to push the envelope after recently being inspired while reading Scud: The Whole Shebang and Hawaiian Dick: Byrd of Paradise. The movement captured in virtually every panel of Scud is just amazing, and something I’d like to add more to what I do.  Not the easiest task when most of what I draw is people sitting around talking, but a task I will attempt none the less.  Hawaiian Dick has a really kick as story and beautiful, detailed settings.  It really puts you in the locale.  And the coloring is just gorgeous. It makes me want to step up my coloring and work on my settings, which has always been a challenge.

FYI, last Thursday was my birthday and I turned 27.  I had a really good time, which continued last night and will conclude with a trip to San Francisco today.  Awesome stuff.  Last year I wrote a post where I shared with you my usually B Day tradition of taking an introspective evaluation of my life.  Not the most fun thing, perhaps even a little bit of self torture, but something everyone should do once in a while.  You need to take stock.  That being said, I’ve not done that this year and don’t think I will.  I do it often enough and I just don’t really feel like it.  I’m just enjoying myself and having a good time, something that’s also important to do at times.

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