I’M FAMOUS! 46 – LAX Arrival

I'M FAMOUS! 46 - LAX Arrival
I'M FAMOUS! 46 - LAX Arrival

#10 of 12 written me! (no Alex)  They continue to fly by, pun intended.  The longest plane ride in the history of comic strips has come to an end, and here we see the Wolf Pack has arrived at LAX. (no group)  This was a very short, simply written one that I tried to really go all out on.

In my continuing effort to improve I put extra thought into the layout and worked on my settings and coloring.  I love that first panel. Some of my most beautiful coloring yet. It took quite a bit longer to do than a normal panel, so don’t expect them all to look that nice.  I do plan on doing showcase panels like that when it makes sense though.

I think that last panel is really strong as well.  The Wolf Pack has grown on me, in all his stupid manchild-like glory.  He is good comic relief and fun to draw.

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