I’M FAMOUS! 47 – It Pays to be Famous

I'M FAMOUS! 47 - It Pays to be Famous
I'M FAMOUS! 47 - It Pays to be Famous

welcome to #11 of 12 written by me. This one was a real pain in a number of ways, most notably problems with the coloring (technical problems that hopefully you don’t see in the final product).  I actually came up with a new idea based on this coloring problem that may lead to a new technique and coloring style. A more painterly style that doesn’t center so much on staying in the lines and looking quite so neat, but would likely take longer to do.  We shall see.  Maybe I’ll try it in the next one.

This was also a bit of a challenge to layout, but overall I’m very happy with how things turned out.  I crammed a lot into this one, and really I’m surprised I didn’t make this scene longer when I originally wrote it.  I feel like these last 4 or 5 strips have a much more frenetic pace than our normal slow moving strips do, and I like it.  I also like that first panel of LAX in profile.  Is that a sunset of just the effects of the city having too many lights and so much smog?  Probably a little of both.

BTW, when I read the 12 I had written to my wife this was the one that really made her laugh and think I did a good job.

Just for fun, and so you can get a little better idea of the coloring that went into this, I want to show you how this strip looks without any of the dialogue.

I'M FAMOUS! 47 - No Text
I'M FAMOUS! 47 - No Text

Funny, you can pretty much tell what is happening still.  Isn’t that supposed to be the sign of good storytelling (through drawing)?  You’re damn right it is!

Where will things go from here?  What could be left for my last strip, #12?  I’ll tell you this, it’s Alex’s favorite one.  Stay tuned kids.

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