I’M FAMOUS! 52 – Cuckolded

I'M FAMOUS! 52 - Daniel is a Prick

I’m back from my vacation.  I wish I wasn’t.  It was awesome, aside from missing my son and getting a bad sunburn.  Everything else was great, and I didn’t really miss much from my normal life.  Not even drawing.  I didn’t even want to draw when I got back.  Being away and doing fun things really gives you a chance to enjoy life, and see all that you’re missing.  Drawing is a very isolating and time consuming activity. Even when you collaborate or draw around other people.  It requires singular focus and removes you from your environment.  You have to be a bit of a loser in a way.  Not the outgoing party type.  Not if you’re going to draw a lot, like a regular comic strip anyway.

But I forced myself to start drawing on Sunday morning, in some attempt to keep my vow.  But then I went to a party.  I had half intentions of finishing it afterward.  Then a bee stung my drawing hand.  It hurt…a lot.  I didn’t get home til late, and I didn’t really care anymore.  So I broke my vow.  It’s done.  It happened.  I broke my word.  You want to fight about it? Yes I, a man of his word who strives on dedication, failed to live up to my goal.  Given that 5 days of the week I was on vacation I think it can be forgiven.  Oh, not your forgiveness.  Like I care what any of you think!  My own personal forgiveness.

So no more vow.  I’ll do the best I can to draw as much as I can, or feel like.  Until someone starts paying me to do it.  You want more?…then you pay me!

Maybe I’ll share some more about my trip with you later, but now to the comic at hand, I’M FAMOUS! 52. I don’t particularly like this one.  I do think it looks good.  I know why it’s supposed to be funny, but mostly I just find it offensive.  It bothers me on a few levels.  The Lone Wolf calling Rufus a dog, for one.  HE’S A MAN!  I don’t like derogatory slurs like that.  And for some reason I really don’t like hearing it from the Lone Wolf.  It destroys some of his innocence.  At least that’s the way I took it.  Alex didn’t seem to intend it that way.

I also really don’t like Daniel.  He  is a true asshole.  When we started this comic I thought he was a good guy being driven down by the insanity of the Lone Wolf.  I liked that.  But apparently he was already a huge prick who would sleep with someone else’s wife.  And look at how callously he treats Rufus here.  He is unphased and uncaring.  I won’t spoil anything, but he doesn’t get any better in the foreseeable future.  Funny, many of the same qualities that currently disgust me about him now are what I liked about him in the past, and what I like about Black Snow.  The biggest difference I suppose is that before I thought Daniel was  a good person deep done in inside, just like I think Black Snow is.  Now I don’t think that.  I just think he’s a bad person, and I guess that disappoints me.

Oh, and we haven’t gotten to know Rufus enough yet to judge his behavior here, so I don’t know if he is being a jerk or if I should feel sorry for him.

Basically I think this is the most unlikeable comic we’ve done yet.

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