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Since you all apparently can’t get enough of my thoughts on the faux sport of pro wrestling I thought I’d give you some more.

TNA Total Nonstop Action Wrestling

– Lets start with TNA.  It is total crap and has become virtually unwatchable. I’ve been watching TNA fairly regularly since the days when it aired on Fox Sports, some 5 or 6 years ago, and it is really worse than ever now.  The main appeal of it back in the day was that it was just something different, a strange oddity.  It gave you a chance to see all these old wrestlers that disappeared years ago and young new guys you hadn’t heard of.  It also offered a bit of a different style of wrestling action.  It was nothing to take too seriously, just a fun way to waste some time.

Now it has become an unbearable hype machine that tries to imitate WWE but comes off more as WCW in its final days before closing down.  Everything sucks about it.  The announcers are awful, the “writing” is atrocious, the booking is nonsensical, the roster is overloaded and under used, the shows are very over produced and the production just has this cheap, phony vibe to it.  They constantly attempt to reinvent themselves because nothing ever works and it is maddening.  There is NO CONSISTENCY to any of it.

I used to think Jeff Jarrett was TNA’s biggest problem, but Dixie Carter has been even worse.  Not to mention the complete and total failure that has been Hogan and Biscoff.  All you get now is ridiculous hype that is never close to being realized, a bunch of no talent has-beens and crappy indy darlings, and a very amateurish, unpolished final product.

Basically there is not a single reason to watch this crap anymore, and I don’t think I will.  They literally ruined everything they touched.  Wrestlers I really like?  They get there and they suck, probably because they lower themselves to the standards of the environment, and they are subjected to the ridiculous writing and booking.  Hell, TNA has even caused me to dislike my all-time favorite wrestler, Mick Foley.  I could go on at length with specific examples of what’s wrong with TNA but really it’s not worth my time.  It’s a sad, desperate sinking ship and I’m jumping off.

RVD - Rob Van Dam

– In related news I bumped into former TNA world heavyweight champion Rob Van Dam walking down the streets of Waikiki while I was on vacation.  For any naive people wondering, he was wearing only shorts and he did not have any injuries on his body from his “attack” by Abyss.  Like most things in wrestling, that was totally fake, and I’ve got a pic with him to prove it.  Rob Van Dam is a really nice guy, I met him back in my high school years at an autograph signing and he couldn’t have been any cooler, and he was very nice in Hawaii as well.

That being said, he is very stale in the ring and yet another example of TNA pushing has-beens.  Not to mention the ridiculous booking that had him win the title on a random Impact with no build up after only being in the company for like a month.  He’s your perfect example of why the company sucks.

– Everyone in the IWC seems to be bitching about the Nexus’s theme music since they replace the NXT theme.  Here’s the song everyone seems to hate:

What’s so bad about that?  Personally I think it’s pretty rockin’ and a really perfect fit for the group, as they always put an emphasis on the collective good and being part of something bigger than themselves.

– Another theme song that has the IWC buzzing is Daniel Bryan breaking out some classical music with Ride of the Valkyrie.  Check out the awesome debut of this theme:

People are fairly mixed on this theme and what exactly it means, and it’s a little early to tell how they plan to portray his character.  We’ve seen him reading a book about the conspiracy behind Lincoln’s assassination, and  Michael Cole constantly likes to remind us Bryan is a vegan who doesn’t own a TV.  So my best guess is that they want to portray Bryan as a modern hipster who’s into a very specific cultural, almost a yuppy, and somewhat sophisticated.  Honestly I think it’s cool and could really be something distinct and memorable, much the same way as the Macho Man and Rich Flair have highly iconic classic music themes.

– Well, that’s all I’ve got time for now, but check back soon for some more thoughts on pro wrestling.

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