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Here are some things that have been on my mind lately.

Boardwalk Empire is simply a fantastic show.  We are only 3 episodes in, but there has already been enough action to fill a normal series’ entire season.  That premiere episode was a thing of beauty that could have been a movie itself if extended a bit.  The quality of visuals is just amazing.  I’m really looking forward to watching the entire season.  It’s nice to see Steve Buscemi, one of my long time favorite actors, get a good lead role and some long overdue mainstream recognition.  The success of the sow lays largely on his performance, and he delivers.  Check out this epic intro.

Dexter is also really strong so far.  I’ve always been hooked on this show, and it has never failed to keep my interest.  They always manage to make you feel like everything is on the verge of crumbling and Dexter’s actions always put him in jeopardy.  It’s quite a brilliant show that can make you root for a vicious serial killer and want him to allude police, even causing you to hope some of the police are killed.  Of course it can also be frustrating as you see Dexter strive for a normal life but be a slave to his demons and risk everything to keep murdering.  I can relate!  The follow up to the surprising death of his wife last season has been really good so far, and it’s interesting to see his fake identity of Kyle Butler is coming back to haunt him. BTW, I hate Quinn.

-That was the intro scene from the season 6 premiere of Supernatural.  I thought it was a brilliant way to show Dean’s transformation from hunter to suburban dad over the last year.  The salt for the eggs vs repelling demons was especially clever.  The song is a great pick if you listen to the words that aptly describe Dean’s situation of wanting the stable home life and a world of adventure.  So far I’m really liking this new season and it’s return to the episodic format of the first two seasons.  I really don’t often like it when episodic shows turn into overarching stories that dominate the plot and essentially turn each episode into a continuation of the last.  Joss Whedon’s TV shows Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel and Dollhouse were all prime examples of this.  There’s nothing wrong with containing things within an episode. It isn’t a lesser art form and shouldn’t hurt your ability to tell a story or convery a message.  You can still have an overarching plot that affects things without everything revolving around it.  I was never sold on the whole angel demon war of the last few seasons and I’m glad it’s over.  The addition of the grandpa intrigues me.

-If you missed The Cleveland Show Live this week watch it now.  It was really funny and had me laughing like crazy!

Did you watch it?  OK.  Hilarious! When Cleveland fell off the stage and hurt his ribs I LAUGHED SO HARD! All the interruptions throughout and things not going quite right were so good.  The intro was great to.  The Cleveland Show is normally nothing to great, but it definitely does have it’s moments.  It’s still bizarre to me that they made this.  Kind of like I’M FAMOUS!

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