The Nightmare Before Christmas Haunted Mansion

If you’re a Nightmare Before Christmas nut or huge Haunted Mansion fan like me then you’ll love Disneyland’s annual holiday season make-over of the ride.  Check out this video.

Awesome.  That was taken in 2006, so it may have been updated since then.  I haven’t had the pleasure of experiencing this in person yet, but my sister just went a couple days ago and said it was awesome.

If you really like the Haunted Mansion ride then you should check out this great site   That site has a crazy amount of resources and events that any fan will dig.

BTW, I’m glad they are making a new movie, hopefully it can erase the memory of that craptastic Eddie Murphy bomb.  Hopefully Guillermo del Toro will do it justice.

I was considering picking up volume 1 of the comics on Amazon as Halloween treat to myself as it’s much cheaper than in the stores, haven’t decided yet.

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