The Beautiful Cyclops


What a pain this one was!  It was too much for one page in my opinion, but  it turned out well.  The following is exactly how this strip was written by Alex.

Nicole: Well, I’ll be going now too then–

Lone Wolf: I thought we’d stay at your hotel for the night.

Nicole: My…hotel?

Eric: He means your house. Or apartment or the like.

Nicole: I’m afraid that’s out of the question.

She tries to get by but the Lone Wolf grabs her.

Lone Wolf: Be still my Fox!

She struggles and in the struggle she falls. Everyone is like WOAH!

As she rises we see that her left glass eye has fallen out.

Nicole: Oh dear God. Please don’t look. This is the most embarrassing thing imaginable. I’m so sorry.

The Lone Wolf is in a stupor.

Lone Wolf: Just as Nostradamus said! The Beautiful Cyclops!

Daniel: Rufus, I’ll take a drink please!

I read that and I knew it would be hard to pull off.  That’s why I waited all week to do it.  When I run into one of these strips that I really don’t want to do because it’s complex or something then I tend to put it off.  Can’t put it off too long with my attempted weekly commitment though.  This is probably the most awkward moment I’ve ever attempted to draw. Hopefully you enjoyed the end result.  Was it obvious that was her glass eye that came out?  I felt someone should have specifically said it in the dialogue to make it clear that she hadn’t just been mutilated by the Lone Wolf.

I decided to run with the idea that Daniel is a real prick, and you can definitely see that here.  He’s a drunk, high, mean-spirited jackass and over time he reveals that.  This strip is our first call back to the Rasputin storyline, in case you didn’t catch that.  You probably forgot about it or thought it was just some bizarre one off thing, alas we do have a plan and it will be drawn out slowly over time.

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