Though Shalt Not…


A nearly silent comic of the Lone Wolf reading the hotel bible? Why not? I think it’s pretty funny.  For some reason the bible has come up several times in this comic.  I wouldn’t expect any sort of religion to be brought up in this strip, but for whatever reason it continues to be.  Alex nor I are religious, though I did attend a Christian elementary school and a Jesuit high school, so I am fairly well versed on the subject.

When I first read this one I thought it was really weird and not at all the tone of this strip, and I kind of still feel that way.  I can’t say exactly why, mostly the punchline I guess.  That being said I think it works fine and it was fun to think up what emotions he should go through and draw them…especially the laughing one! I can’t look at that panel without chuckling.  It’s funny on it’s own, but quite hilarious given the context of cracking up from something in the bible.

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