Another phone conversation strip.  As I mentioned after the last one, these are both very fun and a bit challenging. Though I drew this in a single day; started in mid-morning and finished in mid-afternoon.

Drawing Black Snow has become second nature to me and I can do it faster than most other characters.  I think adding the anti hero on the chest will always be a pain, but even that has become easier.  I tried  a different type of stubble on him here, I first tested it on Daniel two strips ago, lines instead of dots.  I think I like it better.

I do miss working on the Black Snow title, and eagerly await Alex to do the writing so I can get started on it.  In case you missed the announcement on Twitter and Facebook, we’ve decided to drop the issue format and will be changing to a lengthier graphic novel.  So issue 7, which was finally almost finished, will only be part of a much larger story.  I’ll discuss this in more detail in the near future.

As for this strip, it is fairly dumb but funny.  I always enjoy the rapport between Black Snow and Eric, though Alex tends to make Eric a bit more naive then I’d like.  I’m pretty sure he meant Eric to be genuine when he asks “Really?!” but he’d have to be really stupid to be asking if what Black Snow had just said is true.  So I made it more of an annoyed sarcastic response.  That’s the power of the artist and the ability to interpret the writer.

A couple other details I added.  One, Eric looks to be staying at a much cheaper hotel than the Lone Wolf.  This room was done from memory, based on all the cheap hotels I’ve stayed at in my life.  Another detail?  You’ve probably picked up on this in the past, but I wanted to reemphasize that Black Snow’s apartment is not nice.  It’s kind of messy and gross.  We’ve basically only seen the living room and kitchen until this point, I hope to explore more of it in the future.

BTW, what the hell is a Nemo?  A toy of the fish?  I don’t know.

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