Happy Thanksgiving

It is I, the Lone Wolf, here to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving…to ME! Ha.  I am so funny.  Everyday is Thanksgiving for me because everyone is always so thankful to me for saving them and letting them bask in my greatness.  I can feel your thanks coming through this computer screen right now while you read this!

You have much to be thankful for.  Give thanks that my website https://www.blacksnowcomic.com is FINALLY done! Sheesh, these internerds are so slow to work, it felt like that took eons.  At last you can go bask in my slendor on my brand new virtual home.

You must also give thanks for this announcement: my adventures in I’M FAMOUS! will continue tomorrow!  I know you must have felt lost without seeing my every antic these last few weeks, but I will return and you will rejoice.  And yes, those taggers along will be there too!  Perhaps we will finally see my movie made!  How can it take so long?  I already wrote the book!

Oh my, so much for you to thank me for.  I am even told their will be many new additions and improvement to the website in the coming weeks.  I am too good to you!

I leave you with this parting thought; is it better to be thankful or thanked?  Pretty deep, huh?

The answer is thanked, obviously.

Lone Wolf Laughing at the Bible

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