The Return of Rasputin

I'M FAMOUS! 65The return of the mysterious ghost of Rasputin and this very odd prophesied armageddon  subplot.  You may have been wondering about it for some time, and you probably still are as we didn’t really explain all that much here. Slowly but surely.

I like seeing how Black Snow deals with Rasputin versus what we saw previously from the way the Lone Wolf handled him.  Black Snow is so flippant and irritable, he always manages to make me laugh.  He’s kind of like the angry guy that says what you’d like to because he doesn’t seem to have a filter.

I also like building up to a face to face meeting between Black Snow and the Lone Wolf, much like we did in the first 3 issues of the comic book before they finally had their epic bar encounter in issue 4, my favorite scene we’ve done to date.  Their dynamic is so different it is inevitable that they will butt heads on every level when around each other.

The final panel with Black Snow’s fantasy really cracks me up, and his smile while thinking of LA burning and the Lone Wolf dying!  What a super hero.  That’s based on a real shot of the LA cityscape.  Alex had written a couple thought ideas, which I mostly used but tweaked a bit to come up with this strange, but pleasing shot.  I tried to give the skull  a bit of Dia De Los Muertos flair since it was in LA.  It kind of reminds me of those nightmare panels form the Watchmen where they bomb goes off and they become kissing skeletons, though I only thought of that after the fact.

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