Black Snow: Last Call

Black Snow: Last Call cover

Here it is, the cover for the first Black Snow graphic novel, entitled Last Call.  This picks up where issue 6 left off.  As you can see the cover plays off the Last Call title, which is of course associated with bars getting ready to close and offering patrons one last chance to order a drink.  It can have multiple meanings though, and here you see Black Snow apparently digging out of his grave.

I don’t want to give anything away, but I’ll just say that I feel this is an appropriate cover for several reasons.  It was fun to do, as I love the macabre and it was nice to get back to black and white.  Now that I have I’M FAMOUS! to experiment with color I’m really excited to see how far I can push things in Black Snow with only  black and white.  Well, and grey too.

I really like the way things went style-wise in issue 6, and I plan to expand on that here.  I also have a lot of new ideas in mind.  Lately I’ve been rereading my Hellboys, and it’s given me some inspiration, some of which you can see on this cover.

The sad thing is that Last Call is not finished being written, so I can’t really get started on it yet.  Some scenes are done, but a lot is just in outline form, and Alex needs flesh it out.  Much is not even really fully outlined, so there is still quite a bit to do.  We know the story we went to tell though, so that should help guide us.  So why draw this cover now? To get everyone excited.  And by everyone I not only mean you eager fans, but Alex and myself as well.  I hope the cover will inspire us to speed things up.  I know it will motivate me to bug Alex even more to get writing.  Hopefully it will also inspire him to want to finish writing it.

The other reason I drew it now was because the image was stuck in my head, and when something like that happens I want to get it on paper before it fades away.

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