Unmotivational Speech


This is a fairly personal, autobiographical comic.  It is based on the many times I’ve had bosses or leaders of some sort who are just completely out of touch with reality giving me motivational speeches that no one listening actually believed in.  Incredibly misguided attempts at boosting moral, or simply just being so ill informed they legitimately have no grasp of the true situation and atmosphere around them.  It’s incredibly irritating and disheartening, usually have the undesired effect of upsetting people and lowering moral.  It upsets me just to think about it.

Hopefully seeing this happen to others is funny.  I thought it was when I wrote it.  Reading it now, well it may just be my current depressed mood, but it isn’t making me laugh.  Hopefully it translated that all the characters are concerned or upset by the fact that Rosenstein is so totally out of sync with where this movie really is at this point.  To be totally honest, I’m not too thrilled about the way it came out and fear I didn’t make the “joke” clear enough.  It was a fairly difficult comic to do, and very much outside of our normal spectrum.  I can only think of one that was similar, and only thought of it halfway through drawing this.  If I had thought of it sooner I could have used it for a reference, as I like that one.

This is the one I was referring to.

I'M FAMOUS! 15, the speech from Independence Day

Usually I wait a day to write these after I post the new comic.  Maybe I should have here.  Maybe I’ll feel different about it tomorrow.  Hopefully I will, and it’s just the depression clouding my view now.

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