A new comic on Saturday and Sunday, bringing the total to 4 new comics this week?! You lucky bastards.  I do slave away for you, my stupid fans.  Just kidding, sort of.  Anyway…on to this comic we’re looking at.  I decided to end the meeting!  It’s not many comic strips that would attempt to do 14 pages of people sitting in a meeting.  Probably for good reason.  They couldn’t pull it off like us.  Or they aren’t sadistic like us, torturing their audiences.

No, actually I think our willingness to carry out stagnant scenes has become a trademark of all 3 of our comic titles.  Alex is a man of talking, not action, which is reflected in his writing.  I’ve got something else in mind for this next story arch, the great sightseeing tour.  So look forward that, and all the new things it will bring.  It is somewhat ambitious, calling for many new settings and more movement of characters, but not too out of line from our past as far as the amount of dialogue and the way the characters act.  I think it includes some of our funniest lines and situations yet.

That’s partially why I ended the meeting.  Another reason?  I said what I wanted to say for now.  I’m sure there will be plenty of meetings in the future.  They are a big part of the movie making process.  While I’m on the subject, I don’t if I’ve ever really addressed this or not, but Alex and I love movies.  We watch a ton of them.  We read about them, sometimes write about them.  On occasion we make them.  I majored in film in college.  It is something we both have a passion for.  We also love comics and super heroes.  You can see why we decided to do this strip.

So I imagine we will drag out the story of the movie making process as long as possible, and it explore it as thoroughly as possible.  So prepare for my brand new story arch, maybe some shifts in character dynamics, some exploration of the LA area, and don’t forget February marks the one year anniversary of I’M FAMOUS!

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