Happy Anniversary, to ME!!!

It is I, the Lone Wolf.

I’m one year old!  HA!  Whaa! Change me, feed me, burp me!

Ho ho, good fun.  They tell me I have starred in some sort of world wide online internet comic book thingee, and have been doing so for a year!  I expect a large check to be coming soon!

Hopefully you have enjoyed this year of what I could only imagine to have been nonstop entertainment.  I know I have not!  I just want to see my movie!  Why does this take so long?  And why is everyone around me so incompetent.  Except for Mr. Rosenstein, of course.  He is an amazing man.  Oh, and my best friend Daniel, though I detect a slight hint of annoyance from him on  the rare occasion.

Normally I would force the Wolf Pack to write this nonsense for me, but I know not where he is.  Lousy good for nothing layabout!

I love LA!  It is so much better than that disgusting rat’s den, Detroit.  A true cesspool of scum and filth.  I’m glad to be gone, though it was quite an ordeal to fly out!  The planes are dangerous places, what with all the exploding air pirates and airplane women sneaking you alcohol!

My ghost, Nostradamus tells me I must now save the world.  Perhaps after I see my movie, if I’m not busy working on the sequel.  Of course the public will demand many sequels, and likely some TV shows, so I’ll be quite occupied.

Wolf Pack, I demand a cucumber and tuna sandwich, at once!  Wolf Pack! Where the devil is that fool?!  I must go prepare the whip, there will be some punishment to dole out once I find that rotund worm.

Lone Wolf out.

Lone Wolf Laughing at the Bible

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