Neon Drenched Glory

I'M FAMOUS! 86Well, now you can see where I’m taking this story!  It should be a fun, fairly insane journey as the Lone Wold goes hunting for a mansion in Beverly Hills.

I love group shots, especially when many of the people have nothing to say, they are just there to react.  It’s become a bit of a staple in this comic strip.  Maybe it was in Black Snow and Day Camp as well, but it seems more prominent now.  I used to loathe them, as it’s a lot of drawing, and can be hard to cram so many characters into a little frame.  But I’ve grown to embrace it, and I think it adds to the comedy.  Rufus and Eric may not say anything here, but the looks on their faces, and just knowing people are witnessing these idiotic interactions, is really funny…to me.

I even added one of the suits from the meeting!

Rosenstein’s man-crush on the Lone Wolf entertains me to no end, and I like to think of how it looks to a man like Rufus, who has been with him for so long.

I love that middle panel with all the neon purple reflection!  It really captures the cheesy Hollywood glitz I was going for.  The shiny, yet ultimately cheap seduction that LA has to offer.  The essence of this comic really.  And it looks damn good!

I don’t know if it’s a California thing, but people around here are ready to spend money they don’t have all the time.  It’s insane!  Our crippling national debt makes me think it extends beyond the Golden state’s borders, but I think it is really prominent here because people still always think they are about to come into big money.  I live in Silicon Valley, and the desperation of the fabled dot-com bust is still thick in the air.  Everyone thinks we are on the cusp of the next bubble, and we’re all so close to be wealthy that we can keep spending.  Spend a little more to make a lot!  Or just send with the assumption that something will go right soon!

It’s nuts, and this comic is my little tribute to it.

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