Map to the Stars

I'm Famous! 88
I’m Famous! 88

It’s only been 10 days since I completed the last Famous, but for some reason it felt much longer to me and I even felt a bit rusty working on this one.  As you know my time was spent working on comics for Urban Image Magazine, so each time I tried to get some Famous in I’d get sidetrack by another one of those projects.

I think this one is pretty funny, and sets up the next part of the story nicely.  It was kind of hard to draw though, as it is always challenge for me to work in action and this one is a little more complex in layout than our average strip.  But I wrote it that way on purpose.  This and some future strips are more complex, and I wanted to challenge myself so I can continue to learn and improve.  I also think/hope it makes the comic a bit more entertaining for the reader, taking away some of the monotony that can occur when things are just people sitting in one spot talking.

Looking at it now I’m not sure how well I did in conveying that the limo driver slammed on the brakes and people were tossed around inside.  Of course I can’t really judge that objectively, as I’m hyper critical of my work.  I can obviously see the attempt was made, I just don’t know how effective it was.  Not as strong as I’d hoped I guess.  But the name of the game is improvement…and I still think it’s funny.

I once bought a map to the stars homes while visiting LA as a young lad, and it was quite eventful as it resulted in my dad almost hitting O.J. Simpson (who was riding a bike toward us) with his car.  Perhaps I’ll share the full story some day.

I thought it was the ideal Hollywood tourist thing that the Lone Wolf would really be into, and have made it a goal to work as much Hollywood stuff into this strip as possible while I’m writing it and Alex is (supposed to be) focused on writing Black Snow: Last Call.

Why is slur graffitied on the curb?  It’s a bit of an inside joke/personal reference Having to do with some real life graffiti Alex and I see almost every day.

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