I Can’t Think of a Title Today

I'm Famous! 89

This one is all Lone Wolf, so if you like him (and I’ll assume you do if you’re reading this blog) you’ll like this one about him examining the map to the stars home.  I read a list saying all the stars mentioned here do indeed live in Beverly Hills.  I thought that was a funny variety to mention, and people the Lone Wolf really wouldn’t know.  Hope you look forward to where this one is going.

I”ll briefly address what I wrote yesterday (which was Alex’s 27th birthday!).  I meant every word of it.  This is a lot of effort, which takes a lot of the fun out of it.  I had a short exchange on Facebook with David Jones, who does Just Say Cheese, where I asked him how he got so many fans on Facebook.  Basically he told me he never made any effort to gather them, he just focused on drawing his comics and they came.  What a lucky bastard!  Honestly, I suspect he had to have made some efforts, but the gist of what he said rang true to me.  I plan to take a similar attitude.  I’ll just focus on drawing the best comics I can, and hopefully some day we’ll start being appreciated more by a wider audience.

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