I'm Famous! 90
I’m Famous! 90

I like this one, and I really like where it is headed.  The next two both have the potential to be my new favorite Famous of all time.  They are really funny, and I’m really proud to have written them.  I’ve been waiting to get to them for some time.

This one is good too, but it’s more of a setup.  I do like Daniel and Rosenstein’s reactions to the Lone Wolf here.

A quick shout out to Alex, who is going through some rough times right now.  Everything will work out for the best and my thoughts are with you.

Regular readers will know that I’ve gone through some rough times myself lately, getting fairly depressed and searching for the motivation to continue with the comics.  I got a little from David Jones of Say Cheese, but yesterday I got some advice and very kind motivational words from Larry Marder, of Bean World fame.  I met Larry last year at APE and he was kind enough to review our comics and give us some good advice.  I decided to seek him out again via Facebook and he took the time to really get personal with me and give me some more advice, not just about comics but about motivation and life.  I’m very thankful he did, and took what he had to tell me to heart.  I think it is going to help me stay more focused, happy and motivated!  Basically he helped me get some perspective on things, and I think I, and all our fans, will be the better for it.

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