The Internet Needs a Hero

Black Snow Comics is that hero.  I am that hero. For too many years now you’ve been led to believe that mediocrity is greatness.  No longer.  I shall bring you true greatness.

I will save you from webcomics that consist of stick figures, stolen sprites, derivative manga and bland humor.  I shall lead you forward into an unprecedented world of art, humor and story telling, the likes of which the internet has never seen.

Follow me, your new savior, and I will usher my flock into the nirvana that is true comic making at its finest.  Become a soldier in my army, spread the word that you’re new hero is here, and nothing will ever be the same.

Boredom on the internet will be a thing of the past.  All other comic sites will be rendered irrelevant.

I have heard your cries and prayers, and they will no longer go unanswered.  I have arrived!

I am a humble man, your thanks and adoration are not necessary.  I sense them already.  Your welcome.

Your Hero, Michael Balistreri
Your Hero, Michael Balistreri

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