Leave Mr. Charlie Sheen Alone!

It is I, the Lone Wolf.

I am disgusted with all of you filthy people of the dirt attacking this great man Mr. Charlie Sheen!  For what, telling the truth!  Shut your mouths!  Yuck, you’ve got me talking like one of you street rats.

He is a great man.  He is not like you, and I can relate.  Why should people like us pretend to be normal?!  His brain is different, he is better than you.  He is a warlock who mingles with goddesses.  He is not from this terrestrial plain.  He is a WINNER.

We are kindred spirits, I too am a winner, and we both do it without even trying.  We are WINNING.  We do not have time for all you ghouls and clowns!

Winning, duh!

This reminds me of all you fools attacking poor Mel Gibson for telling the truth about who caused all the wars.  Think about it!

Mr. Charlie Sheen is a man to be honored and respected.  Winning!  He should be revered as a hero.  Where are the apostles writing the book of Sheen so we can pass these teachings on to our children?

He is an F-18 and will destroy you in the air and deploy his ordinances on the ground.  He’s got magic and poetry at his fingertips.  He’s on fire. Winning!

You losers can’t process his life.  Winning!  Small minded peons like you will never be able to understand god’s like us!

Mr. Charlie Sheen, I commend you for finally telling all these losers the truth!  We are winners!  We are kindred spirits.  We are brothers.  Together we will change this terrestrial plain.


Be Ashamed, The Lone Wolf
Be Ashamed, The Lone Wolf

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