I'm Famous! 93
I’m Famous! 93

I don’t mean to brag, I don’t mean to boast, but we like hot butter on our breakfast toast – William Butler Yeat

I’m a rock star from Mars!  I don’t know if it’s my newfound chemical happiness, things going well, the fact that tomorrow is my 3 year wedding anniversary, just a general good mood, or some kind of combo, but I’ve been feeling great!  I’m on fire!  And obsessed with this Charlie Sheen thing.  The man has suddenly become fascinating.  A lot of Lone Wolf there.  And lately a lot of Lone Wolf in me, as my happiness makes me quite glib and devil-may-care.  I’m sure quite annoying to others, but entertaining the hell out of myself.

I like this comic.  I feel like I’ve been cranking them out lately!  We’re getting pretty far into my story arch, and I like the way it’s turning out.  Hope you are too.  Don’t really care though, as part of my new outlook is to worry about drawing only to please myself.  If that pleases you, well that’s extra.

George Clooney would be a fun friend for the Lone Wolf, by the way.  This comic is solid all around.  I especially like the top left panel, and how out of sync Daniel and the Lone Wolf are.  Not to mention how annoyed the Lone Wolf looks in the first panel, or how lovingly Rosenstein is staring at him.  It’s all good.  I can do no wrong!

I’m still tearing it up on the competition sites, and loving every minute of it.

I’ll be taking a brief break to draw the next Aw Hell Naw and a new comic strip for Urban Image magazine.  So you can look forward to that.

Old School, Fool!

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