George Looney

I'm Famous! 94
I’m Famous! 94

I’ll never seen any side of heaven, I’ll walk for miles through a blazin’ hell, It doesn’t matter what you think I’m supposed to be, ‘Cause I myself know all too well, I’ll open your eyes and make you see, I’m the king of my world, I’ll break down the walls around you down – John Wilkes Booth

From Shannen Doherty to George Clooney?  Makes sense to me.  Just imagine George Clooney and the Lone Wolf running around Hollywood together causing mischief.  That is something I’d like to see!  What to say about this particular comic?  94, we’re almost hitting 100!  Amazing.  The wall completely obstructing this house is much like what I experienced when I went to O.J. Simpson’s home during the 90’s.  Those stars/murderers sure like their privacy.

Truly crazy people never really know that they’re crazy. That’s part of what makes them crazy, and I think that’s funny. Crazy people do often think other people are insane, which is even funnier, whether that person is actually crazy or not.

Some good things are going on for us in the webcomic community right now. For one, we are absolutely dominating on Comicracy and have completely turned that silly little site upside down.  They never knew what hit them.  We’re also doing pretty well on ComicHovel, even though they unfairly and inexplicably took away most of our votes and made us start over.  Screw those guys.

We’re also participating in some banner exchanges with some pretty cool webcomics and making some nice connections.  In that same vein, we’ve already got two artists lined up to do some guest art for us in the near future.  It should be really cool, and I’m really looking forward to seeing what they do with our characters.  I’ve been asked to do a guest art piece myself, which should be very interesting.  I won’t reveal which comic it is until I’m done, but look for it sometime next week.

I did some work on the website, added some new pages and changed a few things, so you should play around on there if you get a chance.  Don’t know exactly what’s going on with Urban Image Magazine these days.  Sent them my comics for next month, texted my man Daddy Rich and didn’t hear anything back.  Maybe it’s nothing, as there’s bound to be communication issues when you’re working with a man in jail.  I’ve got a really cool idea for a Black Snow video, somewhat based on the recaps seen before the TV show Supernatural.  If I get some spare time I’d really like to work on that.

Of course I’m still waiting on Alex to finish writing and tightening some things up so I can start drawing Black Snow: Last Call.

So lots of things happening.

It’s good to be the king…of the nerds.

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