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We got our first piece of guest art!  Check it out.

Black Snow and the Lone Wolf as drawn by Lloyd Cheatham Jr. Check out his comic B.O.D. Brawl Or Die
Black Snow and the Lone Wolf as drawn by Lloyd Cheatham Jr.

You can check out his comic B.O.D. Brawl Or Die at I really like seeing how Lloyd interpreted the characters here.  He drew this really quickly by the way.  Talented guy.  The man certainly knows how to draw muscles.

Obviously this is a much more classic, traditional comic book style of drawing, which is really fun to see vs. my more cartoony look.  The Black Snow is not as different as the Lone Wolf, who looks pretty intense here!  I really wanted to see how other artists would handle his hair, and this is a pretty cool way to do it.  Someone recently commented that the Lone Wolf reminded them of Freakazoid, and I think that is probably due mostly to the hair.  Maybe the silly personality.  I took it as a compliment, since I enjoyed that cartoon when it originally aired, though it’s probably been well over a decade since I’ve seen or thought about the show.

It’s cool to see the characters looking more realistic.  I was pretty blown away when I first saw it.  Definitely not what I was expecting.

Recently I wrote a post about why I hated being a webcomic, and part of that was that I didn’t like the community.  Well, I’ve started to involve myself more in it, and it’s not that bad.  There are some decent comics out there and some cool people.  I’ve spent the last month being very involved in a contest on Comicracy, and it’s been a pleasant experience.  Aside from doing well in the contest (we are in the lead by a considerable margin at this point) it’s been really cool to connect more with some other webcomic makers.  Giving each other feedback, doing banner exchanges, seeing other people’s work, and finding guest artists has all been really cool.

Maybe it’s part of being more positive overall, like I discussed a few posts back, but I’ve got more of an overall appreciation for the webcomic community.  I suppose it’s the attitude you bring that determines what you get out of something, at least that seems to be the case to me lately.  We’ve been getting more involvement from others and attention than ever, and it feels good.  You can look forward to at least 3 more guest artists in the near future, a review of I’m Famous! from and possibly some more collaboration between us and Lloyd.  Oh yeah, you’ll see me do some guest art for a comic next week as well.

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