I'm Famous! 95
I’m Famous! 95

Tightrope walking much tripping on clovers , Dissolution yourself from your brothers, For all you pretty ones, ya hum along in oblivion, Afraid to be alone, Your all made up to be someone – Snooki

This is a fun one. I like the Lone Wolf leading this group of people around, who mostly think he is a fool. It’s funny to see him command these situations in such terrible ways while the others are forced to simply look on. I like that I worked in his blod intro in here as well. And of course I carry on our tradition of being the comic containing the most awkward silence and moments in history.

After I put this one up on SmackJeeves (where I double post all the comics) I got a nice fan comment telling me to keep up the good work and that they were adding it to their favorites list. Felt good to hear, as it’s always nice to know that completely independent strangers enjoy your work. I mean, it’s also nice to know your friends and family like it, but there is something even more inspiring about hearing it from someone you don’t know that doesn’t care about hurting your feelings.

It’s been a busy couple of days. I found 2 eggs in my Crested Gecko cage while cleaning this weekend, then put in a nest box, only to find 2 more eggs the next day! And those last 2 were definitely from my bright red girl, so those babies will not only be beautiful, but worth some big money! My family and I also adopted a rescue rabbit, almost completely out of the blue. So far it has been really fun, and I think she will end up being a great family pet for my son.

But I doubt you came here to read about my pets. Here’s some comic news. We’re less then 3 days away from winning the first place trophy at and I don’t see anyone stopping us! Not with that lead. I’m beginning work on my guest art for the comic TITANOX – The Iron Hero. Should take me a couple of days. In turn they will be doing some guest art for us a bit later.

Alex and I had a good meeting yesterday where we discussed Black Snow: Last Call. Alex committed to a deadline of April 28th, which I’m very happy to hear. We looked at what we had, tightened some up, and talked about what else we wanted to add. We came up with some really good ideas that will effect this and future graphic novels. We also came up with a number of new characters. I’m really excited to get the writing done and start drawing! I’ll tell you this much…it will be epic. It will be nice to alternate work on that and I’m Famous! as it will allow me to play with both ends of the drawing spectrum in many ways.

This goes out to all you pretty ones.

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