Titanox, as drawn by yours truly

I visit Mr. Frump in the hospital, I see him most every day, And when I see Mr. Frump in his iron lung, This is what I hear him say, [deep breathing] – Eleanor Roosevelt

This is a drawing I did for the webcomic Titanox which you can see at http://titanox.blogspot.com/ It’s cool stuff, and worth checking out.  This is the first guest art I’ve been asked to do for another webcomic, and it was really fun.  Much like I thought it was really fun to see what other people would do with my characters, it’s really cool to put your own spin on someone else’s character.

This character was a blast to draw, as he is just this big massive beast, basically with a clothes iron for a head…oh, and he fights vampires and werewolves.  Awesome!  Like my vampire?  It was a partial tribute too my favorite childhood cartoon, Count Duckula.  Titanox is the comic of Alex Marzi, someone I met over the last month on Comicracy. ( BTW, go vote for us.)

I think he may be based out of Italy, which is pretty awesome when you think of how art and the internet are uniting people.   You can soon look forward to seeing his version of the Lone Wolf, which I’m pretty anxious to see.  Somewhat a sorce of inspiration for my take on the character was Rob Zombie’s The Haunted World of El Super Beasto.  Not Familiar?  (I’d be somewhat surprised if you were)  Check out this trailer.

This past month overall has been very positive for the comics.  Coincidence that it is when I adopt a new, more positive attitude?  Could be.  But shortly after declaring I was just going to draw and that I didn’t like the webcomic community I started reading a bunch of webcomics and connecting with the people behind them.  Then I started banner exchanges, then the guest art, and now I’m receiving all that positive feedback I’ve been craving.

So good times.  And so you know, I think maintaining a positive attitude for a prolonged period of time without being ignorant to all the troubles of the world is probably the hardest thing possible.  Something I’ve tried before, but struggled with.  I think I’m doing better than ever with it now though.  I’m no ray of sunshine by any means, but I’m enjoying life more. I used to think you had to be pretty stupid or oblivious to be really happy most of the time in life, and I still kind of generally believe that to be true, but there is definitely some truth to being happy by just trying to keep a positive attitude.

In other positive news, I’ve been working more with Alex on Last Call, and it is going to be amazing!  I’m really excited about it, and hope he can maintain momentum so he can finish writing it by the end of next month.  It will be an opus like none other.

Now go visit Mr. Frump.

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