April Fool

I'm Famous! 96
I’m Famous! 96

You’re looking good just like a snake in the grass, One of these days you’re gonna break your glass, Don’t bring me down, No, No, No, No, No, I’ll tell you once more before I get off the floor, Don’t bring me down – Archduke Franz Ferdinand

Hope you all had a nice April Fool’s Day and played some fun tricks. Life played some pretty rough ones on me. But I’d rather not get into all that!

We’re here, as always, to talk about my wonderful comics.  On a happy note, we won last month’s contest on Comicracy.  No only did we com in first, but it was by a lot.  And now you can vote for both I’m Famous! and Black Snow, so maybe we’ll get first and second next month!  How demoralizing for all the other comics. Almost brings a tear to my glass eye.

So, I’m Famous! 96.  Coming up on 100, and near the end of the arch I wrote.  Don’t know if I’ll continue as the writer from there or if Alex will be ready to jump back in, hopefully after finishing writing Last Call.  Can’t wait to draw that!

I like the fact that of all things the Lone Wolf was star struck by his terrible intercom experience with someone he believes to be George Clooney.  I really like when he has to think of who his friends are, as he seems to be so egocentric that I very much doubt he ever thinks of others or builds any type of true relationships. Something Daniel seems to have cruelly picked up on.

“Your insolence has been duly noted.”  That’s a good quotable line there, one of the better ones I’ve come up with I’d say.  Overall I really like this one, and the mood swings the Lone Wolf rapidly goes through here, as I think he is at least somewhat bi-polar, and incredibly reactionary.

Not much else to say about it I guess.  It’s awesome, as usual.

You can’t bring me down, so stop trying.

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