The Return of Nicole

I'm Famous! 104
I’m Famous! 104

Sorry, no bizarre yet fitting lyric quote wittily mis-attributed to someone or something today. I’m short on time and energy.  I’ll be starting my approximately 8 hour drive to San Diego with my family early tomorrow morning, for a nice extended weekend vacation.

What to say about this comic?  One interesting thing to note, it’s the last one I have written.  I still don’t know if I’m going to be continuing as writer or if Alex will be back.  Also, I don’t know where we’re taking the story next, which is exciting.  If you recall, I started writing to allow Alex more time to work on finishing the Black Snow graphic novel, Last Call.  You may also remember that his deadline for a rough draft is tomorrow!  Will he make it?  I doubt it, though I have seen him writing it lately.  Maybe I’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Anyway, I really like this one.  It’s been too long since we’ve seen Nicole, and I thought this would be a fun way to bring her back.  Btw, my wife is a Starbucks employee, so that probably had some bearing on me choosing that as a charming and modern profession for a lady.  I like Nicole’s rapport with Daniel here, as they never really interacted much before, what with Daniel being all strung out on the plane.  Oh, my wife says I got the look and feel of Starbucks right this time, as before it look more like a generic restaurant.  I guess she would know.

I think this one looks really good, as I spent some time working on the setting.  I also think the word bubbles and font have come along nicely.  I really like the two close up panels in the middle, that show some emotion from both characters.  It easy has a snazzy punchline!  What more could you ask for.

Tomorrow starts the voting for the Thor contest on Comicracy, so go vote for us!

See ya’ll after my San Diego vacay (Tuesday)!  Stay classy.

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