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Black Snow in front of Detroit's Fist of a Champion
Black Snow in front of Detroit’s Fist of a Champion

“Every man’s got to figure to get beat sometime…Everybody wants to go to heaven, but nobody wants to die.” -Joe Louis

Those are actually two real quotes by Joe Louis. I had to take a moment away from my vacation to address this guest art by Sean Harrington. It is really a beautiful drawing of Black Snow lighting up a cig in front of Detroit’s monument to Joe Louis, the Fist of a Champion. Take some time to read Sean’s always sexy and exciting comic, Spying With Lana.

This picture really is quite stunning and iconic. He really nailed the tone and feel of the comic in a way that I’ve always struggled to do. Honestly, I’m jealous of this one. I wish I had made it. It will be great fuel to inspire me to push forward.

Of course Black Snow didn’t quite start out as the gritty, urban Detroit drama it has evolved into, but this image represents where I see things heading. As time’s gone on I’ve tried to work more of Detroit’s real settings into the comic and push things towards a darker, urban tone. I think you really start seeing it halfway through Issue 4. You’ll definitely see it in the Black Snow graphic novel, Last Call, which drawing should begin on very shortly.

So bravo Sean, you’ve outdone yourself. And if you ever want to work on a lengthier Black Snow story just let me know, because clearly you could do great things with it.

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