My Favorite Epic Classic Rock Songs

You may have noticed from all the lyrical quotes and YouTube videos I post that I like music. I usually listen to it all day long while I work, when I drive, when I’m at the computer, etc. You may or may not know I’m a classic rock aficionado. Take a look (and listen) to some of my favorite epic songs from the genre.

Carry On My Wayward Son by Kansas
This has been my main ringtone for years (I get a compliment virtually every time a new person hears my phone ring), and I would hazard to say it is my favorite song, period. It’s epic in every respect, from the intro, the lyrics, the instrumental in the middle; it’s just a magical song. You can’t help but get pumped up and drawn in when you listen to it. Many of you probably know this song from its frequent use on the TV show Supernatural.

Renegade by Styx
A song along the same line as the aforementioned in its epic tone and overall rockingness. Songs like this tell a story and create a legend with an aura that you just don’t really hear in music today. It also sounds great. I’ve always liked faster tempo music. Styxx, Kansas and several of the others you’ll see on this list are masters of tempo. They knew when to slow things down and when to build them back up again for maximum effect! They could also produce pretty good slow ballads as well, but the faster ones are the ones that struck a chord with me.

Bad Company by Bad Company
Another song that takes great pleasure in building itself up, kicking your ass, and making you smile all the while. Very much inline with the above two songs with the tempo switches and epic lyrics. This one doesn’t quite achieve the same rock out levels, but it is still awesome. Come on, it’s about gunslinging killers!

Home Sweet Home by Motley Crue
This one is a bit lighter and of a slightly different tone than the first three, but it still kicks ass in many of the same ways, like the slow tempo build. Like Bad Company, it doesn’t reach levels of epic rock out instrumentals, but it still definitely rocks. Lyrics-wise this one is a little more metaphorical, at least in my mind. You may have seen this song brilliantly used twice in the movie Hot Tub Time Machine. What a song to kill yourself to!

Foreplay/Long Time by Boston
This one can be included for the incredible nearly 3 minute intro alone. Just listen to it! You usually don’t get intros at all anymore, and certainly not epic ones like this. It may be the greatest intro in all of music. The rest of the song ain’t bad either. Boston was a great band with a ton of hits to choose from, but I find this one to be the greatest demonstration of their rock skills. Peace of Mind is a very close second though.

Wanted Dead or Alive by Bon Jovi
This one is more along the lines of Renegade and Bad Company in it’s sheer epic legendary lyrics and feel. It’s a slow build, but it gradually gets to a really rocking level. “I’ve seen a million faces, and I’ve rocked them all!” Those lyrics alone make this song a legend. Fans of the crazy reality show Deadliest Catch should be familiar with this one.

Don’t Fear the Reaper by Blue Oyster Cult
BOC has some great songs, and this is definitely their most well known. You’ve likely seen the famous Christopher Watkins “more cowbell” SNL skit, where they made light of this song. But even that can’t distract you from the fact that it’s an awesome song of an epic nature. It’s about embracing death! Or at the very least not fearing it. And it rocks. Just really listen to it and you’ll see.

Wheel In The Sky by Journey
Another epic classic. This one rocks pretty much the whole time with a pretty relentless tempo. Like Boston, but to a lesser level, Journey is another band with a lot of great songs. They haven’t aged quite as well, but they are still great when you take the time to listen to them. As for what it’s about, you figure it out, as it’s open to interpretation.

I could go on, I stayed away from some major bands and hits and I haven’t even tapped into southern rock, but that’s probably enough for now stayed with the whole epic theme. I think I’ll make some more song lists like this in the near future. Perhaps the greatest song to go crazy to, or get depressed by.

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