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I'm Famous! 105
I’m Famous! 105

A cheap shot, that’s the way that you play the game, I was blindsided, things will never ever be the same, nice guys, it’s said they always finish last, but bad-asses, always kicking asshole’s ass – My New Attitude

I like this Famous. It feels nice to return to a pressure free drawing and not focus on all this publisher stuff for a bit. The best part about an unpublished webcomic? You can do whatever the hell you want. For instance, I decided I wanted to try the Lone Wolf with pointed ears here, much like I added his fangs some time back. Give him a more animalistic wolf look. I like it. What do you think? Keep ’em?

I also wanted to see a different side of the Lone Wolf here. That’s a pretty lecherous look he has in the top right panel. He’s more aggressive than usual here, and I like his comment at the end. A bit more depth to this fool? Of course Daniel is anything but a yes man.

Which reminds me of an interesting concept Alex brought up recently. If the Lone Wolf is the hero of I’m Famous! then who is the villain? Daniel? Could be an interesting idea to explore.

In my last post I shared with you my drawing attempt to impress our new publisher into having me stay on board as the artist for Black Snow. I got my response…”It’s actually pretty good if we were marketing this for an all ages group type book. But I’d like to see it grittier with more drama and I think that calls for an edgier art style.” And I can definitely respect that. My immediate response to hearing that…depression. But it didn’t take to long for that to subside and turn to determination. Because that’s just how I roll. Everything is motivation to evolve and improve.

I’ve always been about the darkness (I wrote an incredibly dark Famous yesterday that you should be seeing in the next few weeks) but it’s time for me to attempt to fully embrace it in a non-comedic way. Black Snow should be gritty. Really gritty, with a biting edge, and I’m going to do my damnedest to draw that. My main man Rawr is also working on his submission for his bid to draw this graphic novel, and I wish him all the luck in the world. He would be a pleasure to work with. We’ve got a couple other artists in the wings getting their attempts ready, but if you want to give it a shot just contact me. We’re accepting all applicants at this point. This could be your big shot to become a published artist.

I’ve also recently been in touch with a self publishing guru that has some interesting propositions, so who knows, maybe you’ll see us publish Famous under our own banner as well.

Sticking with this gritty, bad-ass theme Alex and I had an incredible writing meeting yesterday, discussing our ideas for this remake of Black Snow. It is going to be simply amazing. So much better than the original. I’m incredibly excited to sit down and fully write it with Alex. What can you expect? A much darker, faster moving, more exciting, less nonsense, more Detroit, more concisely plotted Black Snow that will knock your socks off! Some characters will be gone, a few will be very retooled, but most will still be around. They’ll just be better. Every single one of them. Honestly, it’s going to be epic.

So get excited, because it’s coming.

Now toughen up you nice guys!

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