Declaration of Intent

Oh, hey there Bighead, Bighead, you’re alright. Wasted, feeling, feeling alright. Well he walks with his head up high, Flips a wink and wonders why, He never gets his wool – Our Inflated Egos?

So what exactly is going on around here? There’s been a lot of talk, hype and activity lately. So much so that I really had to step back and take stock of things.

Sometimes things come at you very quickly, and it’s very easy to get caught up in the moment. Well, as the kids say (kids say the dumbest things), sometimes you have to “slow your roll.” Alex and I had quite a talk yesterday, and I’ve been doing a lot of thinking myself (dangerous as that may be), and many things have become clear.

Firstly, and I write this knowing it sounds arrogant, but it is quite true..we find ourselves in high demand. We have publishers interested in our projects, publishers that want us to work on their existing projects, writers and artists who want to work on our titles or team up on new projects, budding talents that want us to help them publish and promote their work under our brand, high quality and quantity of visitor traffic to our site, our social media accounts consistently have good activity, we’re regularly winning contests…there’s just a general buzz about us lately that you really can’t deny.

You can see how one might get caught up in all that. Especially after many years of, and lets be brutally honest here, unpopularity and general audience/industry disinterest. Remember recently when I said we were going to force people to take notice of us? I didn’t think it would happen this quickly.

So what does it all mean? Have we accepted a publisher deal? Are we expanding our staff (which wouldn’t take much, if you’re keeping score at home)? Are we starting new titles? Are we letting others take over our existing titles? Are we becoming a publisher ourselves?

Good questions. I have a tendency to become overzealous and tip my hand, so to speak, but I’m not going to do that here. I’m guarding these cards more closely. I will clear up a few things though.

1. We have not accepted any publishing deal (though it is still open). We are not in a rush to take any offer thrown at us, and it has become apparent that we our actually positioned much better than many small publishers out there (who don’t even come up when you search their names). If the right deal is offered we will likely accept.

2. We are not actively seeking out new titles or projects at this time, though they are being brought to us. We are open minded about these things, but will keep Black Snow and I’m Famous! our main focus.

3. In the same vein, we are not seeking out new talent, but remain open to all possibilities. There is a good chance you’ll be at least seeing some collaborations soon.

4. We no longer have any intention of letting anyone else take over our titles, as writer or artist. We will be proceeding with the team as it has always been, Alex as the writer and myself as the artist, and doing things the way we see fit (and not being told what to do by others).

5. Black Snow will be fully relaunched as a totally rewritten graphic novel, the first in the series being titled Black Snow: Two Drink Minimum. It will be a mixture of what you have seen from Black Snow in the past, where we planned on taking it in the future, and some exciting brand new ideas. It will feature a new and improved art style and overall tone. And yes, sadly it will cancel out the original 6 issues, which will now be referenced as “source material.” (Trust me, it is very much for the best.)

6. I’m Famous! will continue in normal fashion.

7. We are seriously considering self publication in the not too distant future.

So there you have it. Perhaps a bit more than I meant to reveal. Just know this, if you only take away one thing away from this: Black Snow Comics has more definitive vision of who we are, where we are headed, and how we’re going to get there than ever before…and you can expect great things from us.

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