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I'm Famous! 106
I’m Famous! 106

This is a fun one, and a little different than our typical Famous. For one, someone other then the Lone Wolf (or Rosenstein) is happy, though he is also happy. It also contains more “action” and movement than the majority of our strips, with Nicole’s enthusiasm for quitting the job. Observant readers may have caught that the million dollars line is a reference to an earlier strip where the Lone Wolf tried to entice Eric to sign on, a particular favorite strip of Alex.

I also went for a bit more exaggerated emotions, especially with Daniel. Another fun thing is the last panel, which features no real characters, just Beverly Hills stereotype customers not knowing what to do without a barista and standing around. I thought it would be funny to emphasize that there are just normal people trying to go about their lives amongst the Lone Wolf’s chaos.

In Two Drink Minimum news, we are moving forward well with the writing. We have the first 10 scenes outlined, the first 3 scenes written, and the entire plot generally mapped out. My plan is to work some more on coming up with updated character designs and tweaking the new style (which will black and white and pay homage to the genre of noir, which is what I think Black Snow really is). We are also going to try to tighten up the first scene so I can start drawing it.

While all this is going on I still plan to draw at least one Famous a week.

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