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Black Snow: Two Drink Minimum page 3
Black Snow: Two Drink Minimum page 3

Slowly but surely things are shaping up. I tried to speed up the process here, but somehow it still took about the same amount of time. I feel like I’m spending too long on each page, though Alex seems to think that I’m producing at a good pace and the time is necessary for the quality level I’m producing. Maybe he’s right.

I do have to say I am happy with the quality. I really like the look, and I continue to try new things on each page. For instance this one had lines drawn in a medium shade of gray instead of the traditional black. I also did even more with blurring and focal points. Like the last panel on page two the first panel on this page contains another drawing with no cartoonish outlines, and just shading. That is also something I like to play with, though I don’t think I would every fully do things that way; more of a featured image kind of thing.

Another change here is that in addition to shading with the paint tool and transparent layers of the paint tool, and the gradient tool, I also busted out the old burn tool in some areas, which used to be my standard way of shading. I like that the tool is good at creating a sense of depth, and think it has its uses.

As far as the written content of the page, I think I did well. After showing things to Alex I rearranged some of the bottom panels, as he pointed out the order to read them in was unclear. That was a bit of a pain and threw things off a little, but probably created a better end result. Things pick up on this page, as now we get into the heavy dialogue. It was nice to start things off a little slower and set a tone, but I’ve got a long, wordy scene to get through and you can expect the next few pages to be pretty dialogue heavy as well. There is a lot of intro and exposition after all.

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